A Brief History

1854 - Woodley School is built

1871 - The foundation stone is laid to build St John the Evangelist Church

1873 - St John the Evangelist church is built by Robert Palmer as a daughter church of St Andrew's, Sonning.

1881 - The Ecclesiastical Parish of Woodley came into existence.

1911 - St John's Mothers' Union founded.

1960s - St James Church was planted by St Mary's, Castle Street, Reading in co-operation with St John the Evangelist.

1973 - St James Church building in Southlake, Woodley is completed.

1987 - St John the Evangelist Church extension completed.

1988 - Woodley Church of England School moves to a new school building on the Airfield Estate. The old school buildings are given in trust to St John the Evangelist to be used as a church hall.

1991 - Emmanuel Church planted in the Southlake Church Hall.

1992 - Woodley Anglican churches become a Team Ministry.

1993 - The Airfield Church (LEP) planted by St John the Evangelist and the Congregational and Methodist Congregation of Christ Church, Woodley.

2007 - Woodley Anglican churches become a Group Ministry.

2009 - St James Church becomes a Benefice.

2010 - Emmanuel Church becomes a District Church.

2012 - Emmanuel Church becomes a Conventional District Church, and with the re-organisation of Woodley parish boundaries, they are now part of the Benefice of St James'.


1881 - The Revd Ernest Angel Gray: vicar

1913 - The Revd Frederick F. Penruddock: vicar

1925 - The Revd Philip Gray: vicar

1930 - The Revd Cyril Donne: vicar

1940 - The Revd W. H. Trebble: vicar

1945 - The Revd K.F. Way: vicar

1948 - The Revd H. W. H. Wilkinson: vicar

1974 - The Revd John Eastgate: vicar

1983 - The Revd John Congdon: vicar

1990 - The Revd Ian Watson: vicar/rector

1996 - The Revd Fred Woods: rector

2002 - The Revd Ann Douglas: rector

2008 - The Revd Edilberto (Eddie) Márquez-Picón: vicar